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There's no judgement. Yoga is for everybody and every body.

Danja Yoga is a community where everyone is welcome and can gather and celebrate who they are individually and collectively. Our signature style invites you to practice yoga and mindfulness - even if you can't touch your toes or sit still! We welcome anyone who is ready to relax, work hard, laugh, or let go. Our hallmark is authentic, old-school-style yoga & meditation with a modern twist - there's no judgement and we believe yoga is for everyone! With a variety of classes to choose from, there's something for every palette.


Come for the Yoga. Stay for the community.

Our logo begins to tell our story without words. It features Eight orange dots representing the Eight Limbs of Yoga , the Eight-fold Buddhist Path, and the Eight Danja Core Values. Grey circles wind their way through these dots, symbolic of our multi-directional lives and paths. Though these paths often change course, we can always come home to the practices of yoga and meditation. Our name combines the passions and teachings of our founders, Daniel and Jake. Together, they created Danja Yoga.

After teaching thoughout Central Ohio for several years, the duo dreamed of creating a space to share with the community. Careful planning began to bring this dream to life beginning in Spring of 2017. Three years and a lot of work later, the studio was scheduled to begin construction when the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world. Like so many others, our lives - and construction - were on pause thoughout the lockdown. As we came out of those two months, we realized that people need the practices of Yoga & Meditation more than ever and moved forward with the project. In December of 2020 we cautiously opened our doors and invited the community in. We've curated a collection of Central Ohio's best yoga and mindfulness teachers. Each offers variety of styles and practices with a trauma-empowered perspective so that every student feels safe. 2022 encouraged us to pivot our business model and take half our business online. In addition to students in our own neightborhood, we warmly welcome students from all over the United States and world.

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed by Paros Architecture + Design and features modern finishes with indirect lighting for a calm space. We have three studios with warm wood floors, a private treatment area, along with sleek restrooms, and an office. Construction was completed by local favorite, Compton Construction. Custom millwork made by Forum Woodworks is throughout our space allowing for equipment storage and cubbies to store shoes, bags, and gear for visitors. To keep clients safe and healthy, we have an air filtration system that continually circulates air out of the studio spaces and replenishes it with fresh, filtered air. You can relax in our gathering space with artwork by local artist, Lisa McLymont, or shop until you drop in our retail boutique! We have lots of branded merchandise and special treasures from all over the world. Greenery is abound with plenty of plants throughout meant to bring the outdoors in.

Our Core Values 

8 Core Values respresent who we are as a studio. Our ownership and teachers believe in the value of each person as an individual and collectively as a community.

Everyone is meant to be here.

Danja Studios’ leadership and instructors are committed to the idea that practice in yoga and meditation be accessible and available to all. We will maintain a culture of working through our individual shadows so that we may support everyone on their developmental path. This is true regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, political views, and religious beliefs.

There is goodness in everyone.

Every human being begins life as pure potential. Over time, we are shaped by our genetics and environment — often unconsciously creating negative habitual reactions. We will each strive to see the conditions behind each other’s behavior and encourage our inner goodness to shine brightly.

Foster compassion and inclusivity.

To effectively teach yoga and meditation we must each develop our own innate qualities of compassion and interbeing. We will each use this community to practice manifesting compassion and inclusivity.

Value and respect all.

Our yoga and meditative traditions teach us that there is ultimately no difference between self and other. When this is realized, we understand that caring for ourselves is caring for others. We also understand that engaging in self-care is not selfish. We will respect and value ourselves by fostering a community that: speaks straight, listens generously, is for each other, honors commitments, and acknowledges/appreciates one another.

Calm the stress of chaotic lives.

The classic aim of yoga and meditation is to address the dis-ease of the human condition, bringing us to an inner alignment so that we may experience deep contentment.

Danja programs pursue real-life benefits for teachers and students. It’s not enough to come “check out” on the mat or cushion; we have to learn to apply it in our daily lives.

Empower and support others.

Individuals will come to recognize their sovereignty through the support of the Danja community. We will empower and encourage each other to follow our calling, deepen our relationships, and be active in our communities.

Teachings are kept close to their roots.

Danja recognizes that 21st century America is uniquely poised to provide unique cultural adaptations to traditional practices. We also know that 5,000 years of tradition have proven the success of classical methods. We will honor our practice’s origins by deepening our own understanding of them. From this understanding will emerge integrity and authentic sharing.

Celebrate where everyone is on their path.

Enlightenment is the recognition that we are miraculously aware; an unfolding process of the clarity and unconditional loving compassion of human beings. As such, everyone is exactly where they need to be and can be nowhere else. Even though we may be perfect, just the way we are, we can use some work, too. Let’s celebrate together on this path that unfolds before us!


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Getting Here

We are located in The Gemma Building at the corner of Ohio and Oak in Olde Towne East. Our studio is a 3 - 5 minute drive from Downtown Columbus


There's ample parking on the streets around the studio. Please avoid parking in the lot directly next to the studio as it is for residents of the building


There's a bike rack outside in front of the left side of our building. We also won't object to you bringing your bike inside.


Traveling from Out of Town

If you’re traveling from out of town, you’ll find Olde Towne East is charming and walkable. A number of hotels are a short drive from the studio. There's plenty of AirBnBs as well. Dozens of restaurants, coffee shops, gastropubs, and microbreweries are in a few blocks’ radius from the studio. We’re happy to  make recommendations.

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