Hi, I'm Andrew Perz!

While many seek out yoga practice intentionally, Andrew unintentionally discovered the healing powers of yoga in 2019 amidst a dark period of mental health decline when, on a whim, he attended a hot power class with a dear friend. Initially drawn to the strength and sweat yoga offered, along with realigning his body after a shoulder injury, Andrew has come to see yoga and meditation as a holistic practice of living a centered and intentional life—on and off the mat. Yoga and meditation have radically redefined Andrew’s relationship with his body and mind into a deep partnership of self-compassion. He is eager to share this self-love and empowerment with each human being he connects with and believes that yoga should be a welcoming practice accessible to all. Andrew holds a BA in Philosophy from Ohio State University. He is passionate about continuously learning and bringing deep yogic and spiritual concepts into the living body and heart from the thinking mind. Come to Andrew’s classes ready for a physical and sweaty practice, but also expect a rich infusion of spirit and meaning. Through shifting our energy and strengthening our bodies, Andrew believes we can begin to clear the pathway to the heart, trust our intuition, and start accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

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