Restorative, Slow Flow, & 300-Hour Teacher Training, Director of School of Reiki

Barbara Held


Barbara teaches Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga at Danja. Her classes move at a slower pace and have a mind calming vibe and she never disappoints. She's one of the kindest and most nurturing people you'll meet and the guide you'll want to accompany you on your journey of self-care. She generally teaches the classes you'll want to treat yourself to if you're craving rest or having a tough day. Her classes are nurturing and at times she offers essential oils and optional Reiki. People leave her classes feeling taken care of and rested. Her classes are accessible to beginners and no experience is required!

Barbara’s yoga experience started in 2007 when her scoliosis was becoming a challenging part of her daily routine.  She decided to try a yoga class and fell in love with the practice. Through yoga, she regained extensive use of her body once again. This has inspired her to pursue continuing education to help others. Yoga has opened the door to several other healing modalities.  Barbaras mission as a multi-modality instructor is to read her students bodies and listen to what they tell her so that she can provide the clearest alignment instructions for Yoga--beginner and beyond.  When offering Urban Zen Integrative therapy, she incorporates the use of Young Living essential oils, Reiki, and meditation in her classes.  She uses her intuition to know what's best for her students in the present moment. Barbara worked for 23 years for The Kroger Company in a variety of roles moving up the ranks into corporate management in the Columbus Marketing Area which included 118 stores.  Her experiences brought her to this place in life. Barbara is continually engaging in training to bring the best to her student's clients. She is an intuitive empath who uses her gifts to teach and provide support through Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Essential Oils, and the combination of all four in Urban Zen Integrative Therapy.  Barbara encourages modifications in her classes and loves to use props to help students ease into poses and balance.

My own yoga practice brought me many gifts. I wanted to share them with integrity with others.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

200 Hour Teacher Training

300 Hour Teacher Training

Pranayama Teacher Training

Various Yoga Workshop Trainings

I’ve known Daniel and Jake for a while and knew this was their dream. I'm glad to support them.

Yoga is a life long practice, if you take care of yourself during your practice, you will be able to practice yoga for your entire life.  It is a journey.  Sometimes, less is actually more.

Ahhh….there are so many….Probably legs up the wall because it stretches the body and in some variations can provide a gentle heart  opener.  It has many benefits including calming the nervous system and stretching the back and hamstrings, can improve digestion and sleep, and helps relieve swollen ankles.

A close second to this pose is reclined cross legged because it stretches the psoas, the side body and the glutes.  It gets bonus points as a breath mudra since it opens the heart all the way to the groins.

Yoga for Life, A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom, by Colleen Saidman Yee.  I think this is an easy read for yogis with practices included about real life in this day and age for yoga students.

I play the piano, but only without an audience.

Animals, our earth, gardening, food, my family, learning, and spiritual development not necessarily in that order.

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