Vinyasa Yoga

Becca Matthews


Becca teaches Candlelight Flow at Danja. She aims to hold space for those on their own journey, while combining the fundamental principles of yoga with creative sequences and inviting music. Her classes are an experience to be had as she pays attention to each detail. Through movement, sweat, and light hearted laughter, her students are introduced to peace and calm. Her warmth and friendliness will make you feel welcome and comfortable!
Becca first came to yoga in 2008. She always had a love and passion for stretching with different athletic activities. When she stepped into her first yoga class, it was love at first flow. It has been a perfect addition with balancing other forms of physical activity such as running, cross training and weight lifting routines. In the beginning years of her yoga practice the focus was primarily on "getting a good workout and stretch in". Her later practice has brought her into a space of emotional, spiritual, and bodily healing. Through physical practice, breath work, and continually evolving into a truer version of herself, yoga has changed her life and helped her through her journey. This gift yoga brings to so many lives is meant to be shared and Becca could sense a pull to share her version.
She embarked on her YTT journey and earned her 200HR YTT in the spring of 2020 at The Studio Cleveland led by the ever gracious and kind Sara Syed. With a heavy emphasis on meditation throughout her training, the growth and peace inside of her has been undeniably life altering.
Becca's desire is to guide in a way that helps the student feel at ease, no matter the yoga experience, and to transport the student to an emotionally healing space while moving and dancing with their body, creating a continual connection to mind-body awareness and healing through music and silence. Her teaching style encompasses a wide range of flows beginning with stillness followed with a heavy focus on building continual strength through basic poses, to inversions, to seated postures. She truly believes that no matter the pose or posture there is an opportunity for connecting with the mind and body more deeply each time. 
"Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, it means moving forward with fear present." Hillary McBride

Taking classes for so long I came to realize I loved to curate my ideal class to take. I absolutely love using my asana practice and mental/emotional work in tandem to inspire and better me and it just lights me up when I'm able to take beautiful souls through that journey as well.

200-Hour RYT and currently, just growing and gleaning through life experience. 🙂

I was drawn here by a friend and have been so impressed by the welcoming and inspiring community this place has, it is absolutely beautiful and humbling.

"May you grow through what you go through"

Revolved Reversed Crescent Lunge - the stretch is amazing while the pose is playful yet powerful.

Take Back Your Mind by Lodro Rinzler

I am a goofball, it will peak its head occasionally in class. 🙂

Self betterment through reading, podcasts and connecting deeply with loved ones, weight lifting, and all things music.

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