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We require registration before each class you plan to take. Cancellations will be allowed, but only up to 2 hours before the class begins. Please note that we must charge your account for the class if you cancel late. Per studio policy, if only two people are signed up for a class, the class may be cancelled for the day, and the student will be issued a class credit.


Our Approach

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Our Approach

Our approach to yoga brings together the traditional practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, pranayama and philosophy in a compassionate and safe environment.

We believe yoga is a path of personal transformation. We honor this by offering various yoga and meditation styles based on science, neuroscience, psychology, and trauma-informed teaching.

We take a non-dogmatic approach and believe there are many valuable traditions, styles, and practices of yoga. Therefore, we offer a variety classes encouraging our teachers to use their own unique and powerful voices.

We take a deep dive into the intersections between yoga, mindfulness, compassion, social justice, equity, and systemic change believing in the transformation of all types of people in all types of places.


Styles of Yoga

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Enjoy the connection of movement and breath.

These up tempo classes link movement, transitions between poses, and breath together into an invigorating flow. Add to that sublime music, breathwork, and savasana thing you into a state of utter relaxation, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for bliss. In these classes you may sweat, tumble around playfully, and - through a coordination of breath and movement - might come to enter a serene state of meditative flow and connectedness.

The buzz words are strength, stamina, and flow.

Challenge: 3-5/5
Chill: 2-3/5



Balance out the physical and spiritual qualities of your practice.

Kundalini yoga is an invigorating style of yoga that works both your breath and core. Cultivate deeper awareness through a precise combination of dynamic physical movement, breath work, mantra, mudra and meditation. Expect the unexpected as you activate and move energy throughout the body using these ancient yogic techniques.Kundalini yoga powerful and transformative offering a full spectrum practice for the body, mind and spirit. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, uplifted and more connected to your true nature.

The buzz words are energy, movement, and connection.

Challenge: 4/5
Chill: 2/5



Experience the dedication and structure of your practice.

Ashtanga uses a set sequence of poses that build on one another, becoming more challenging through progression. All levels can practice Ashtanga yoga. Instructors skillfully lead students through each posture of the Primary Series while offering modifications and gentle encouragement. You'll learn the poses of the Primary Series as well as Ashtanga philosophy and yoga of the breath.

The buzz words are muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Challenge: 4/5
Chill: 2/5



Experience the power of rejuvenation as you come over to the slower side.

Slow Flow emphasizes postures for strength, flexibility, and balance, while allowing your breath to help you relax and tone the nervous system. Classes are designed to promote peace and healing in both body and mind as well as cultivate body awareness. These moderate paced classes are open to everyone who likes to move, breathe and ease into yoga. The focus is on how the poses feel and heal - and not how they look.

The buzz words are gentleness, healing, and sensitivity before flexibility.

Challenge: 3/5
Chill: 3/5



Challenge yourself to be present and show up fully for life’s experiences.

These calm and centered classes teach yoga that can lead to and support meditation. You’ll be taught techniques to create a comfortable seat, as well as small sequences and flows that can release tension in the body prior to sitting for a meditation practice. Classes typically begin with a gentle warm up of poses that flow from one to another, working on combining breath and movement. Balance and flexibility of mind and body are a focal point of this class.

The buzz words are calmness, clarity, and centeredness.

Challenge: 3/5
Chill: 4/5



Discover a foundation of yoga postures and philosophy.

During these classes designed to ease you into yoga, we hope to ignite a passion for the practice in a non-judgmental environment where exploration is encouraged. These classes are open to everyone who is curious, wants to move a little, and break down poses to truly understand yoga. This class focuses on bringing the body and mind into balance: balance of your body in space, balance within your body, and a relaxing balance between work and rest. 

The buzz words are new, openness, and learning.

Challenge: 3/5
Chill: 3/5



Dive deeper into inner stillness and invite muscle tension to melt away.

Yin yoga is a slow-paced practice incorporating poses held for a longer period of time with deep breaths inviting a stretch to get deep into the muscle fibers. Yin yoga perfectly complements the more vigorous styles of yoga. Stress and tension begin to melt away through each pose. This is an excellent practice for beginners as it allows focus to remain on specific poses and eliminates the need for speed and complicated transitions. 

The buzz words are lengthening, melting, and muscle release.

Challenge: 3/5
Chill: 3/5



Experience the power of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Considered the dessert classes in a yoga setting, restorative classes promote vitality and healing. Restorative yoga is a gift to your body, mind, and heart. You can expect to rest on yoga props for longer periods as you melt into relaxation. Classes may begin with slower movements to prepare you for ultimate relaxation and bliss. These unique classes are open to everyone who might need special care or as part of a nurturing routine.

The buzz words are relaxation, support, and nurturing.

Challenge: 1/5
Chill: 5/5



Calm the chaos and stress of the mind as you turn your eyes inward.

Meditation will focus your mind, open your heart, and sometimes surprise you with insight. You'll explore easy and seated meditation combined with breath practices and other meditation styles. Invite wisdom and compassion into all areas of your life through this ancient and calming practice.

The buzz words are focus, insight, and openness.

Challenge: 1/5
Chill: 5/5



Give your body and mind the rest and relaxation they crave.

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, invites your body to deeply relax into a sleep state while the mind stays inwardly alert and conscious. You'll do breath practices designed to calm and rebalance the nervous system and then be guided through gentle and healing meditation. No effort is required.

The buzz words are sleep, peace, and healing.

Challenge: 1/5
Chill: 5/5 



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