To help you choose a class, we’ve added estimates of their challenge and chill factors - that is, how spicy or sweet they are. We are pleased to offer a broad range of Yoga and Mindfulness classes on our schedule.

We require registration before each class you plan to take. Cancellations will be allowed, but only up to 24 hours before the class begins. Please note that we must charge your account for the class if you cancel late. Per studio policy, if only two people are signed up for a class, the class may be cancelled for the day, and the student will be issued a class credit.


Levels of Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient and evolving system of physical poses, breathing exercises, and meditative approaches designed to foster union, a sense of connection. As a benefit of practicing yoga, you’ll feel more relaxed, be stronger, have better posture, and learn tools to cope with stress of any kind.

We offer a spectrum of styles and practices to help you find balance in your life. Our classes range from the very gentle to the very rigorous, covering everything in between. Some classes contain meditation and brief, optional periods of chanting. All classes will teach you how to breathe better.

If you’re new to yoga, visit our New to Yoga page for recommendations. If you have questions about class content, read our class descriptions, leave us a voice mail at 614-947-0629, or e-mail us at We would love to connect with you and help find the right class for your personal needs.


All levels can take these classes. Even the experienced student can find challenges by going deeper into the principles of the yoga poses or mindfulness techniques. At this level, all the asanas (poses) are explained in detail. Verbal and hands-on adjustments may be given to deepen your experience. Teachers will work with you on alignment, basic poses, strength and flexibility, and prepare you for intermediate classes.


This level is for the student with a basic knowledge of the yoga asanas. Classes at this level may spend more time focusing on the alignment and principles of a pose while infusing the class with philosophy and pranayama (breathing exercises). Intermediate classes may also include inversions and arm balances.


All levels invite you to come as you are and practice based on your own experience. Wherever you are in your practice, our knowledgeable teachers will strive to support, guide, and inspire you towards growth.


Styles of Yoga

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Invigorate your practice with an energetic and rhythmic flow. 

Vinyasa is one of the more popular forms of yoga in the West. Classes link movement, transitions between poses, and breath together into an invigorating flow. Some classes might offer guided meditation, chanting, or breathwork, and all classes end in a state of utter relaxation Resting Pose or Savasana.

In these classes you may sweat, tumble around playfully, and - through a coordination of breath and movement - might come to enter a serene state of meditative flow and connectedness.


Experience the power of connecting movement with breath.

Traditional Hatha yoga builds the physical strength and endurance required to spend long periods of time in meditation. Modern Hatha tends to veer away from the energetic flows of Ashtanga and Vinyasa, focusing on flowing with the breath and inviting static poses to be held slightly longer.

The static postures, mindful breathwork, and focus on alignment make Hatha accessible to yogis of all levels.


Experience the power of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Considered the dessert classes in a yoga setting, restorative classes bring peace and promote vitality and healing of the body, mind, and heart. Poses are held for longer periods of time and supported with the assistance of yoga props.

These unique classes are open to everyone who might need special care or as part of a nurturing routine.


Challenge yourself to be present and show up fully for life’s experiences.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, establish a practice, and maintain accountability. We offer a variety of practices, including MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), Loving Kindness, Calm Abiding, Chanting, Walking Meditation, Breath Control (Pranayama), Yoga Nidra, and more. 

All students can benefit from mindfulness and classes are approachable for beginners or those with an established practice. 


Experience the dedication and structure of your practice.

Ashtanga uses a set sequence of asanas that build on one another, becoming more challenging through progression. The practice develops muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

All levels can practice Ashtanga yoga. Instructors skillfully lead students through each posture while offering modifications and gentle encouragement. 


Dive deeper into inner stillness and invite muscle tension to melt away.

Yin yoga is a slow-paced approach practice incorporating poses held for a longer period of time with deep breaths inviting a stretch to get into the muscle fibers. Yin yoga perfectly complements the more vigorous styles of yoga. Poses are typically held for 3-5 minutes at a time. Yogis might even feel stress and tension begin to melt away through the longer Yin yoga holds.

This is an excellent practice for beginners as it allows focus to remain on specific poses and eliminates the need for speed and complicated transitions. 


Discover the roots of yoga postures and philosophy.

During these mid-tempo classes, we hope to ignite a passion for the eight limbs of yoga: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana (poses), Pranayama (breath), Pratyahara (turning inward), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samhadi (bliss).

These classes are open to everyone who likes to move, breathe, and take an in-depth look at yoga.



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