Corinne Taylor


Corinne teaches Vinyasa Flow at Danja. Always with a playful spirit, Corinne’s classes aim to balance thoughtful inquiry with fine attunement to detail. She is grateful for the practice of yoga for helping her see with her heart and hear with her bones. She likes to ask her students what pose they need in the moment and skillfully builds a sequence benefitting everyone. She’s no stranger to hard work and enjoys yoga as an escape from her busy life.

Corinne started doing yoga because she was searching for something to counterbalance and stretch out the weightlifting she was doing. She dove deeply into yoga in 2014 after a health episode resulted in yoga being the only form of exercise that she could do. Corinne loves that there's yoga for everyone, with a style or class for all needs or wants.  She also loves that yoga can make a person feel uncomfortable, but then also amazing. She hopes her students leave class with a good stretch, some strength, and feeling better than when they arrived. Though she specializes in vinyasa, she also loves to slow it down and mix in some things that just might happen to help her students feel better.

Julie Wilkes and Alexander Chang. I wouldn’t be a yoga teacher if those two people had not believed in me and that I could teach. The Yoga Outside of the Box community has been an incredibly supportive yoga space as well. I always loved yoga and practicing, but those people believed that I could teach others.

I have my 200 hour RYT; I am also certified in yin yoga, restorative and through Youth Yoga Project.

Danja is a special space. Everyone can find a class or four that makes them feel better and it is a great community.

It is imperative to me that people leave my classes feeling better than when they arrived and that they enjoy themselves.

The pose I love is half-moon- it’s strength, balance and focus.

The pose I NEED is reclined butterfly with blocks under my chest and head- because it opens everything back up.

The Four Agreements.

I'm an open book! Ask me anything!

I’m passionate about the City, music and the people I love. Those are what get me out of bed in the morning.

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