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FREE week of Unlimited Yoga for All New Students

New to Danja Yoga? We'd love to share our passion for yoga and wellness with you! Our gift to you is a whole week of unlimited classes so you can experience all we have to offer.



  • 7 consecutive days of unlimited yoga!
  • Choose from over 35 classes!
  • Does not include workshops, special events or trainings.
  • Valid for first time students to Danja Yoga.
  • One time purchase only.
  • See Terms & Conditions.

How to Redeem Your FREE Week of Unlimited Yoga

Check Your Eligibility

Our free week offer is only available to new clients. To see if you're eligible, please click on the GET MY FREE WEEK button above. 

Sign Up for a Class

Signing up is easy via our website and the Danja Yoga App available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Your FREE week starts the date of your first class! We require pre-registration for all classes to make sure you have a space. 

Show Up

We look forward to meeting you! Check out our FAQ and Planning Your Visit sections to help make getting to class a cinch!

Danja Does it Different

We're not just another studio - we're a community! We believe in making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience level or body type. Our experienced and compassionate instructors will guide you through authentic yoga and meditation practices in a welcoming and relaxing environment. With easy online booking and affordable pricing, we take the guesswork out of finding a studio that works for you. So come join us and let go of your stress, build strength, and increase flexibility while you develop your best self. At our studio, we promise to challenge you, make you laugh, and help you just be yourself.


What Makes Danja Yoga Amazing?


You'll find like-minded students who are passionate about yoga. meditation, and creating more kindfulness in the world!


Choose from a variety of classes and times that make fitting classes into your busy lifestyle a breeze. With over 40 weekly classes, we make it easy to find your bliss.


Our instuctors are some of Central Ohio's best yoga guides. Each has in-depth training and offers variety of styles and practices with modifications to empower every student.


Our calming, state-of-the-art facility was designed for your comfort. We have plenty of yoga mats and props for your use. And there's plenty of plants throughout meant to bring the outdoors in.

Located in Olde Towne East

Our warm and welcoming yoga studio is located in the historic community of Olde Towne East, just East of downtown Columbus. Our studio boasts three stunning practice spaces and a vast array of props to support practitioners of all levels. With over 40 weekly classes, we offer an inclusive and accommodating schedule that caters to everyone's needs and moods. Our top-notch teachers are known for their expertise and friendly approach, making every class an enjoyable experience. Come and join our community, and get ready to fall in LOVE with Danja Studios!


Ready to Book Your Class?

We are thrilled to offer a variety of yoga, meditation, and movement classes that cater to all body types and moods. Our instructors provide options and modifications for every level of experience, so you can find the practice that resonates with you. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, boost your energy, or simply find your inner peace, we have a class for you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@danjayoga.com with any questions. Let's get our zen on together!

Yoga Classes at Danja

Get the free Danja Yoga app and make signing up for classes faster and easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for classes and view our class schedule right from our website on our Home page click on the Danja Yoga logo at the top) or via the Danja Yoga app available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Our classes will all offer modifications and variations for beginners, but some styles we offer can be a better fit for beginners as well. Slow Flow class has a slower pace and slightly  less intensity than our Flow L1, which can be great for beginners and enjoyed by all levels of students. Our Restorative and Deep Stretch classes are appropriate for all levels from beginners to advanced, and incorporate gentle movement with floor-based postures and longer held stretches with a more meditative approach. 

We get this question all the time! Yoga is for everyone, you do not need to be flexible to practice. Our teachers are passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with everyone and will always make you feel supported wherever you are in your practice. You do not need to be flexible or “in shape” to practice, but you will be surprised how your flexibility will develop mentally, physically and spiritually! 

YES! Welcome! We are all beginners at some point in our practice. We would be honored to guide you through your first experiences with yoga. Our empathetic, supportive, knowledgable, and kind staff will always meet you where you’re at, no matter what level class you take here at the studio.

In order to respect the time of our staff members and students, we do have to honor our cancellation policy. If you cancel within 1 hour before class starts you will be charged a $1t6 late charge fee/the class pack will be used for the late cancellation. If you are feeling ill, of course we will waive that fee - just email us to let us know! Info@danjacom

A mat, water, and a towel. If you like to use your own props, bring them along! We have extra mats to borrow free of charge as well. 

Yes, you can sign up on our website or on the Danja Yoga app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Pre-registration is required for in person classes. It is strongly recommended and encouraged to secure your spot in a class, and to ensure class runs as scheduled. We reserve the right to cancel class if less than 2 students are registered. Time and energy are valuable and we want both students and teachers alike to have the best experience possible.


We are located in Olde Towne East at the corner of Ohio and Oak.

1125 Oak Street, Columbus, OH 43205

We are in the Gemma Building on the first floor. 

The easiest way to enter the building is through the front doors on Oak. 

Yes there is plenty of parking on the streets surrounding the studio! The spots are non-metered and FREE.

Please DO NOT park in the lot next to the building. These spots are reserved for the apartment residents in the building. No one has ever been towed, but we do not want you to be the first! 

Most classes at the studio are an average room temperature of about 70 degrees. Our heated classes are heated, toasty and warm to 95 - 105 degrees based on intensity.


10 Tips to Make Your First Visit a Success

Most yoga classes involve some degree of movement. Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your ability to move freely. Shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, and tank top are all appropriate.

When you arrive at the yoga studio, be prepared to leave your shoes – and socks in the lobby. Yoga is typically practiced without socks because our feet tend to grip yoga mats better bare than when in socks. Socks can encourage slipping and even lead to injury.

You're allowed to drink water during a yoga class! Just be sure to keep the bottle close to your mat so no one trips over it! Breakable bottles are discouraged. Sustainable bottles are highly encouraged!

Always arrive a little early to your class. This gives you time to let go of anything that happened prior to your arrival. It also gives you time to get checked in, use the restroom, and find the perfect spot for your mat.

Yes! Bring your own mat to class. Many studios have mats you can rent or borrow. Mats at  studios are cleaned after each use (we hope!). However, it’s assumed that no one is cleaning the mat as well as you’d clean it for your own use! If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can easily purchase an inexpensive one at Target.

Maybe your doctor suggested trying yoga or maybe you’re working to become more flexible. Whatever the reason, know why you’re coming. This can help be a motivator on the days you don’t want to climb out of bed to hit up an early morning class.

The more you let go of expectations in a yoga class, the more likely you are to have fun and benefit from the practice. It’s tempting to see the yoga superstar in the front row and try to emulate their practice, but remember, it’s not a competition! Our bodies are all different and what feels or looks good for someone else may not resonate with your body. Yoga isn’t necessarily about how poses look; it’s about how the poses feel in the body.

Doing a forward fold with a belly full of food or drink does not feel good. (Trust me on this one!) You’re encouraged to bring a protein or snack bar to nosh after your class or on the ride to your next destination.

No one is going to judge you if the spinal twist you just did loosened up the bowels! You’re allowed to leave the room to head for the restroom. (In fact, it's encouraged!) Yoga teachers see this all the time and it’s far less embarrassing and noticeable than you think. Just be sure to come back to class!

Yoga works best as a consistent practice. Some results are seen immediately. Other results take time to show up in your life. At times, you may not notice the full effects of your yoga practice until you stop going to classes. While we don’t encourage you to stop, we do encourage you to be patient and know that not everything happens at once.

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