Yoga Sculpt & Vinyasa

Gabriel Paynter


Gabriel Teaches Flow and Yoga Sculpt at Danja. He is masterful at leading his classes encouraging his students to their highest potential. He specializes in leading creative classes with challenging balance postures and a brisk pace which allows you to quiet your mind and connect with your body. You’ll receive a cardiovascular and strength workout resulting in total bliss. Gabriel works a full-time job and teaches yoga because it’s one of his passions. In other words, his classes are lighthearted, motivating, and yes… FUN!

Gabriel is new to Columbus and excited to be part of the Danja community. He recently relocated to Columbus from Chicago with his dog, Angela Lansbury. Gabriel completed both his 200 hour vinyasa and yoga sculpt training at CorePower Yoga (Chicago) in 2017. He prides himself on teaching classes that will challenge students, but also ensures everyone leaves feeling successful, empowered, energized, and stronger than when they walked into class. Students notice his intentional sequencing and his specific cues to make the most of each pose or movement. During the day, Gabriel works as a school administrator at a nearby school. 

I started practicing yoga in 2011 after it was recommended to help my growing anxiety. I immediately fell in love with the practice, and wanted to share the gift with others. I started my own journey as a yoga teacher in 2016. 

200-Hour RYT and Yoga Sculpt

As a new resident to Columbus, I was seeking a studio that has a community feel where everyone is welcome and feels welcome. Danja offers a wide variety of yoga classes, and offers them in a safe space where everyone can feel successful in their practice.

To remind yourself that yoga is a practice, not a performance. Be patient with your body and your thoughts, and keep showing up to your mat. 

Plow pose. I was very nervous to ever try it, but immediately felt the benefits of the pose, as it opens the shoulders and back and I find it calming and relaxing (even though it doesn't look like it would be!)

I read Meditations From the Mat during Teacher Training. I haven't revisited it since, but at the time, it gave me quite a bit of inspiration for setting powerful intentions to my practice. 

I have a beautiful dog named Angela Lansbury!

I love anything fitness related. I never considered myself athletic growing up, so it has been fun to explore the world of fitness and try new things I have never done before. This started with my yoga practice and has evolved since then. I also love to travel!

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