Slow Flow & Vinyasa Yoga

Lisa Franklin


A graduate of Danja’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Lisa teaches Slow Flow. She loves the lessons yoga has to teach about life. Seeing students win small victories and gain confidence both on and off the mat is her favorite part of teaching. Lisa is drawn to the deeply relaxing, meditative, and therapeutic aspects of yoga. So, you’ll find a mix of gentleness and empowerment in her classes. She tries to share the joy and clarity she finds in her practice with her students, while encouraging them to enjoy their own experiences.

Lisa initially started yoga to relieve stress, then found that it carries countless other benefits. Her personal practice has taught her a greater appreciation for all the human body can do, increased self-acceptance, willingness to sit in discomfort to allow growth, and more ways to care for her mind, body, and spirit. Lisa loves how yoga challenges the inner critic to become quieter, release judgment or expectations, and instead listen to the body and spirit in the present moment. In 2021/2022 Lisa took the next steps to deepen her practice through 200 hour teacher training (right here at Danja with the best teachers 😊) and is excited to continue growing and share the benefits of yoga with the community! Her classes are taught in a slow flow/vinyasa style to allow time to move mindfully and connect to the breath.

Yoga has helped me tremendously with accepting myself, seeing discomfort as an opportunity for growth and progress, finding physical relief, and feeling emotional peace. I wanted to be able to share those benefits with others!

I have my RYT 200 from Danja Yoga.

I love the connectedness of the Danja community! Danja has felt like a welcoming place that fosters connections and growth since before I started my teacher training here.The second class I took at this studio, I was greeted by name and introduced to the other yogis in the room. This made me feel at home and since then I have formed lasting friendships at Danja. I love being a part of this community. 

Be gentle with yourself and trust what your body is asking for; your body knows what you need better than I do!

Wide legged forward fold- as someone with scoliosis and a lot of upper back/neck tension, I love the freeing feeling of just allowing my torso to hang. Another favorite is half pigeon pose because I enjoy the release of letting my breath slowly deepen this pose.

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

My birthday is the day before Elvis Presley's and I have the same first and middle name as his daughter.

Mental health, art/music, nature, and animals. 

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