Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Deepen your practice.

Learn to teach meditation & mindfulness.

Have the experience of a lifetime.


Our Comprehensive Online Course is the First of its Kind

Whether you aspire to teach or merely want to learn more about meditation, the Danja Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training is for you. You can begin this training anytime and work at your own pace since it is an online learning course.

Just as our studio is responsibly eclectic, covering a wide range of styles and approaches to meditation, our teacher training program is broad and deep.

You'll expand your practice or career learning various meditation styles, contemplative Buddhism, neuroscience, psychology, trauma, and teaching. Many join the training, even though they have no plans to teach, but simply want to immerse themselves in the practice and enhance their knowledge of meditation. This course will give you a solid foundation of daily practice so that you could enjoy the many benefits of meditation & mindfulness.

Flexible Study

Our Online Course allows you to study anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

Accredited Training

Our training is accredited with Yoga Alliance. Registered teachers with Yoga Alliance will receive 150 CEU credits.

Lifetime Access

You'll have unlimited lifetime access to all course materials and videos

Develop an Understanding of Meditation's Role in Your Life

At the end of the program, you’ll have

  • a new and full understanding of meditation’s role in your life
  • the skills to teach and to explore the approaches that resonate best for you
  • a better sense of connection with meditation, yourself, and your community
  • 150 Yoga Alliance CEU Credi

Our 150-hour Meditation Teacher Training program will give you a thorough grounding in

  • the history and philosophy of Buddhism
  • a trauma-informed approach to teaching meditation & mindfulness
  • the neuroscience of meditation & mindfulness
  • meditation techniques including Buddhist, Yogic, Taoist, Christian, Sufi, and guided meditation
  • a deep dive into the intersections between mindfulness, compassion, social justice, equity, and systemic change

Included in this Training

60+ Hours of Video Content

20+ Guided Meditation Scripts

Additional Meditation Scripts

Exercises & Activities

Online Platform for Learning, Connection, Sharing, & Support

45 Teaching Modules Incorporating Videos, Readings, & Practices

Applicable Teachings for Working in Schools, Studios, Corporate Settings, and Organizations

Daily Mindfulness Practices Including Meditation & Journaling

Foundational Understanding of Buddhism

5 Meditation Class Templates

6 Month Membership to Danja Digital's Streaming Class Platform

150 Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance

Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching Certificate

This Course is Designed for You

This self-study course provides flexible ways for students to catch up, fill course gaps, get ahead, and even graduate early. Friendly support is available every step of the way! This is a great opportunity for students who want to learn at their own pace, have a busy schedule, or define themselves as self learners.

Who Else is this Training for?

Our online program is designed for anyone who wants to soak in the experience, expand their practice, and inspire others to improve their lives in meaningful ways.

Yoga and Pilates Instructors Wanting to Expand Their Offerings

Health Care Professionals & Healers

Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, & Life Coaches

Corporate Professionals Working to Enhance Leadership Skills 

Educators, Administrators, & High Achievers

Meditators or People Interested in Meditation, Psychology, & Neuroscience

And anyone who wants to harness mindfulness to be an agent of change bringing joy, health, and healing to our planet.

What You'll Learn

Our online training helps you create a strong foundation through the understanding of history, psychology, neuroscience, & trauma of meditation. You'll learn different types and styles of meditation, how to meditate consistently, the benefits of meditation, a trauma-sensitive approach to teaching, and take a deep dive into the intersections between mindfulness, compassion, social justice, equity, and systemic change.

The Eightfold Buddhist Path

5 Hindrances

7 Factors of Awakening

Riding the 8 Worldy Winds

4 Bramvihara

The Three Characteristics


Dukkha (Suffering)


The 5 Aggregates



Anatta and Self-Forgiveness




Jataka Tales

Anatomy of Meditation

The Neuroscience of Meditation

The Psychology of Meditation

Mindfulness of Body - Anatomy & Elements

Mindfulness of Feelings

Mindfulness of Mind

Mindfulness of Dharma – Hindrances & Awakening Factors

Mindfulness of Breathing & Clinging

What is Trauma? 

How does Trauma affect Mindfulness practices?

How to Teach Trauma Survivors

Radiating Loving Kindness

Working with Neutral & Challenging Relationships, Forgiveness, & Anxiety

Loving Kindness Towards Yourself, Your Body, Difficult Persons, Neutral Persons, All Phemonena

Emptiness & Compassion


Self-compassion from childhood through old age

Compassion for a Friend in Difficulty

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Working with Anger, Self Blame, Conflict, Forgiveness, Grief

The Practice of RAIN

Radiating Compassion

Joy (Mudita)

Appreciative Joy for a Good Friend

Radiating Karuma & Mudita



Boundless Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, & Equanimity

Equanimity as Spaciousness

Equanimity in Relationship

Establishing Equanimity with the Unpleasant

Equanimity in a Sensitive Body

Equanimity for Different Life Phases

Equanimity with Outcomes

Equanimity with Oneself

Finding Balance in Our Practice

Shamatha (Calm Abiding)

Zen Meditation (Zazen)

Vipassana Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Metta (Loving Kindness Meditation)

Tonglen (Sending & Receiving)

Mantra Meditation

Walking Meditation


The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Meditation Techniques

Third Eye Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

Sound Meditation (Naga)

Prana Samyama Meditation

Tantric Meditation


Self-Enquiry and “I Am” Meditation

Mantra (japa and ajapa)

Tantric Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Pranayama Meditation

Emptiness Meditation (Zuowang)

Visualization (Cunxiang)

Breathing Meditation (Zhuanqi)

Inner Vision (Neiguan)

Inner Alchemy (Neidan)

Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Reading

Heartbeat Meditation

Sufi Breathing Meditation

Bond of Love Meditation

Gazing Meditation

Guided Imagery

Relaxation & Body Scans


Binaural Beats

Yoga Nidra

Finding Your Voice as a Teacher

Teaching Beginners

Seated Meditation Positions

Reclined Meditation Positions

Moving Meditation

How the Self Study Program Works

This course will be released March 2, 2022. From the time of enrollment, you have 9 months to complete all course work. This means the course can be completed in as little as 6 months and as long as 9 months.

Instructional Support

Students can ask and discuss questions on our student discussion forum.


Includes course readings, videos, practices, and assignments

Video Lectures

Students will have access to videoson our learning portal covering a variety of topics.

Instant Feedback

Students can submit their work online and receive instant feedback.

Benefits of Online Learning

Self-Paced Learning with Flexibility

Online courses allow you to learn at your own convenience and complete the course on your time. You can also make your own schedule with no minimum or maximum time constraint.

Access to Course Modules

You'll never have to worry about missing anything. Lifetime access allows you to come back and review the course at any time. This feature makes learning retention easy.

Save Time & Money

Online learning typically costs less compared to in-person training. You can learn from the comfort and convenience of home without having to worry about travel time, airfares, or hotel accomodations.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training & Immersion

  • Paid in Full
  • Full Access
  • 150 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units
  • 6 Months of Danja Digital Streaming Classes

Meet Your Lead Facilitator

Danja Yoga's co-founder and Director of Meditation & Mindfulness, Daniel Sernicola, serves as our Lead Facilitator.
Daniel Sernicola is an experienced registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. He has over 2,100 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training from some of the most respected teachers today, including Dr. A.L.V. Kumar, Sage Rountree, Cyndi Lee, Marcia Miller, Ethan Nichtern, and Sharon Salzberg. A student and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, Daniel has developed meditation and mindfulness programs inviting others to realize the benefits of meditation in their lives. He has primarily studied in the Shambhala and other Tibetan traditions, and has also studied Zen Buddhism. Daniel is passionate about bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth and developed a comprehensive program in the Columbus community for anti-bullying, self-acceptance, and healing from trauma.


Daniel grew up in Canal Fulton, Ohio and was introduced to various spiritual paths by his parents. His mother instilled in him the importance and power of prayer and contemplation. His father's side of the family was deeply rooted in Catholism. Early on Daniel learned the value of tradition and spiritual discipline. Bullied from the beginning of his public school experience, Daniel had a strong desire to fit in and belong.


As a teenager, he landed in the fundamentalist tradition and developed a clearer understanding of Christianity.  At the age of 17, Daniel decided to accept and be his true self and came out as a senior in high school. This admission intensified the bullying and turmoil in his life and instilled in him deep compassion and understanding.


As a 21-year-old, Daniel was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and began meditating. This was the first time in his life he connected with inner peace. Daniel found meditation to be extremly healing and little by little began to heal both his mind and heart. Daniel's interest in meditation eventually led him to yoga. The somatic mind-body awareness provided Daniel the vision help others achieve inner peace and make yoga and meditation accessible to all.


Encouraged by his mentors, he pursued several teacher training programs and began offering meditation & yoga instruction. In his mid-thirties, he was introduced to the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Though he enjoyed the aspect of sangha, he stepped away due to sexual misconduct originating from Shambhala's leadership. In 2020 Daniel co-founded Danja Yoga Studios in Columbus, OH. He launched Teacher Training programs focused in yoga and Buddhist meditation.

Additional Facilitators

Kelly Locker

Kelly adds depth to our training thorugh her passion and knowledge of yoga philosophy and meditations. 

A yoga and meditation student for nearly 20 years, Kelly's journey began with a foundation in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga along with meditation. In 2015, she completed a 200-hour certification through YogaWorks in Bali, Indonesia. Her training was deeply rooted in yogic philosophy which she artfully infuses into classes and trainings she facilitates. Kelly's own personal meditation practice includes a combination of meditations from the yogic tradition including mantra, tantric, kundalini, and pranayama meditation. She's spent the last several years diving into the more subtle aspects of yoga through a daily practice of meditation, pranayama, and mantra.

Fr. Devin Rodgers

Fr. Rodgers will share the wisdom of Christian meditation techniques and practices to our training.

Fr. Devin Rodgers grew up in Northeast Ohio and graduated from Miami University with a degree in Music Education. He spent five years teaching music in public schools before attending Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California where he graduated with an M. Div. Degree in 2017.

He serves as Rector for St. Alban’s Episcopla Church in Bexley, OH. Prior to this, he served at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, California. He also has experience serving in campus ministry and young adult ministry in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Required Reading

You’ll buy these books on your own (or borrow them from the library). Learning modules will indicate when we plan to discuss a specific book.


Why Buddhism is True, by Robert Wright

The Road Home, by Ethan Nichtern

Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

Real Happiness, by Sharon Salzberg

Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection by Sharon Salzberg

Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World, by Sharon Salzberg

The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chödrön

When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chödrön

Self Compassion, Kristin Neff Ph.D.

How to Sit, by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Mind Illuminated, by John Yates, Ph.D.

Breath by Breath by Larry Rosenberg

Wherever You Go There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing, by David A. Treleaven

The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness, by Rhonda V. Magee

It is indeed a radical act of love just to sit down and be quiet for a time by yourself.

– Jon Kabat-Zinn


Daniel provided an intimate and open learning experience that helped my practice grow and expand. After completing the teacher training course, I felt confident in my abilities to share my learnings with others and conduct guided meditations in a studio setting. I highly recommend this meditation teacher training course.

- Derek, Meditation Teacher Training Student

My husband and I have been around meditation our entire lives. Through Daniel’s teachings, we’ve been able to understand this practice for the first time. As an Indian woman, I came to this country embarrassed of my physical features including my hair and skin tone. I didn’t feel attractive. Through this practice, I can now look in the mirror and see beauty.

- Maddie, Meditation Student

More than anything, our young people need and deserve a safe space to feel comfortable in their bodies, something they are denied in so many other spaces. Over the course of our yoga and meditation sessions, we saw tremendous growth in our youth. They grew in strength and flexibility, sure, but most importantly, they expressed using yoga and meditation as coping skills to reduce stress. In fact, many youth expressed that their weekly yoga and meditation class was the “highlight of my week” and “when I felt calmest.” Many youth who were initially very body conscious and anxious became more confident and comfortable over the weeks, and most beautifully, perhaps, was seeing our youth meditate quietly together, encourage one another, and laugh hysterically together – which is encouraged by Daniel and Jake. They have skillfully created a warm and affirming environment that our youth look forward to each week.

- Michele Jordan, former Center Program Coordinator, Kaleidoscope Youth Center


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