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Maybe you like to slow it down at the end of the day with a relaxing Yoga class or maybe you prefer the more challenging styles, don’t worry we have it all covered. Our aim is for you to leave more relaxed & energized than when you entered. We are known for making classes approachable for all body types with thoughtful modifications. Most of all we make yoga FUN!

- Skilled -

Our teachers have trained all over the world and are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you. They will ease you into your practice and ensure that everyone feels comfortable, confident & ready to stretch once the class begins.Our instructors offer modifications for each individual as we know everyone approaches yoga differently.

- Awesome -

We have three clean studios with warm wood floors, a private treatment area, along with sleek restrooms, and a central gathering space. To keep you safe and healthy, we have an air filtration system that continually circulates air out of the studio spaces and replenishes it with fresh, filtered air. Our facility also features a variety of plants to help bring the outdoors in.

We Believe


And Everybody




Those who practice yoga know that’s it’s great for strength, flexibility, and calms the mind. However, there are certain groups who are hesitant to try because of preconceived notions that they wouldn’t be able to or don’t see the value. We’re here to tell you that yoga is for everybody. We've specifically designed our studios for your comfort and ease. All of our classes feature well-trained teachers who offer modifications and plenty of props to to make your practice... YOUR practice!


- You might be wondering -
What is Danja Yoga?

This is where I'd normally put some sleek marketing copy, but we'll be candid. Danja was formed by two guys, Daniel and Jake. We came to yoga many years ago because repetitive workouts in the gym caused us to lose flexibility and the struggle to tie our shoes was real! We decided to try out a yoga class and got much more out of it than we expected. Sure we became flexible, but where we noticed the largest difference was how calm we felt after each class. We began a journey of trying out yoga studios through the country. Some studios we loved. Other studios would look us up and down from head to toe as we approached the front desk. They didn't see yogis. They saw two bulky guys. We'd go through the class feeling like we didn't belong. Instead of complaining about what we were noticing at various studios, we decided to be the change and make a studio for the community where people could come and experience the benefits of yoga without worrying if they'll fit in. Our number one core value is kindness. We have a simple business model: Treat our teachers well. In return, the teacher treat their students well. And in the end we know our students will go on to do great things and change the world. Give us a try. If we can do yoga - anyone can do it!

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Come and check us out for FREE! Use code: TRYOUTDANJA at checkout.

Offer expires September 5. For new clients only. Limit 1 per customer.


3 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga

  • Normally $69! On sale for $49 for the month of September.
  • Auto-renews to our Monthly Membership.

Monthly Unlimited Membership

$108 per Month
  • Charged to your account on the same date monthly.

Monthly 5 Pass Membership

$75 per Month
  • Charged to your account on the same date monthly.

- Planning -
Classes We Offer

Yoga Basics

Slow Flow


Core Flow

Power Flow

Hot Power Flow

Morning Flow

Yoga Sculpt

Deep Stretch


Long Holds




CARE (Compassionate Addiction Recovery Experience)

Pre-natal Yoga



Daniel provided an intimate and open learning experience that helped my practice grow and expand. After completing the teacher training course, I felt confident in my abilities to share my learnings with others and conduct guided meditations in a studio setting. I highly recommend this meditation teacher training course.

- Derek, Meditation Teacher Training Student

First time practicing yoga in about 3 years, since before pandemic. Danja was a great experience. Friendly and helpful owners, excellent teachers, and a really nice facility. Looking forward to my next class.

- Patrick

Danja Yoga is the only studio in Columbus I would recommend to literally anyone. I'm an anxious person, somewhat extroverted, and I'm very spiritual, I actually read spiritual texts/books and I have a few daily practices. I honestly feel that Danja embodies core fundamental spiritual beliefs which is kindness, compassion, acceptance, openness, and mindfulness + unites that with yoga poses and breath, it's awesome! And no judgements, no projections, no ego BS!

- JD

- Find Us -

We are located in The Gemma Building at the corner of Ohio and Oak in Olde Towne East. Our studio is a 3 - 5 minute drive from Downtown Columbus. Our address is:

1125 Oak Street, Columbus, OH 43205

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