Yoga Basics & Vinyasa Yoga

Niecy Wilkerson


Niecy teaches Yoga Basics at Danja and brings all of herself to her yoga classes. She puts her brains and sweat and heart and soul into her teaching because she loves it and feels called to share the tools that have helped her navigate the complex experience of being human. By day she is a dedicated kindergarten teacher and her playful nature introduces students to yoga making it approachable and fun. Niecy’s classes are known for dynamic movement infused with laughter.

Niecy began practicing yoga in 2011 when she was pregnant with her second child. Niecy completed her 200-hour certification in 2019, from the Columbus School of Yoga.  She wants to show people it is ok to not be flexible on the the mat, to never take ourselves too seriously, and it is ok to be a strong bada**, with a big dose of love for self and others on and off the mat.

When Niecy is not on her mat, she is teaching Kindergarten, teaching and dancing her heart out for M. Nicholson Hip Hop might catch her dancing on her yoga mat, or hanging out with her 2 kiddos and hubby.

...although her happy place is a beach and retail therapy, shhhhh...

When my mom passed away, I didn’t release any emotion for months. It wasn’t until I was in a hot yoga class laying in savasana(rest), my sweat became tears.  I knew after that, and a yoga retreat, that helped me release emotions (I hold in a lot), I wanted to create a safe space for others who may struggle as well.

I have my RYT 200.

It just felt right. I love to feel the energy of places and people. If it’s off, I don’t bother.  If the energy is good, I’m all in. Danja has good energy.

Never take yourself too seriously and create your own SUNSHINE.

Anything that is a struggle. It makes me stronger and helps me realize, I’ve been through worse, therefore, this never-ending crescent lunge where my quads are on fire, will be over soon if I BREATHE through it.

I don’t have one, but love anything that teaches me something new.

That’s a tough one. I’m pretty open…I’m learning to be vulnerable!

Kids…I teach kindergarten (they have my heart); them having a safe space to thrive and feel valued. I also love to dance and music.

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