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Promote healing in yourself and the world.

The Danja Reiki program follows the teachings of Mikao Usui and focuses on healing not only the body, but most importantly healing the soul or spirit. The school of Reiki we teach is of Eastern lineage and called Komyo ReikiDo. Our teaching presents Reiki as it was understood and commonly practiced in the 1930s in Japan.

Comprehensive Reiki Trainings & Certifications

At Danja, we offer all five levels of training in the Komyo ReikiDo lineage.


Shoden / First Degree

Begin your Reiki journey and become acquainted with the energy. Learn how to give Reiki to yourself and close loved ones.

No Prerequisite or experience required


October 29 & 30, 2022

January 21 & 22, 2023

March 25 & 26, 2023


Chuden / Second Degree

Become more immersed in Reiki energy, learn Level Two Reiki symbols & methodology, and certify as a practitioner.

Prerequisite Level One


August 27 & 28, 2022

November 19 & 20, 2022

April 22 & 23, 2023

May 20 & 21, 2023


Okuden / Masters / Third Degree

Dive into a comprehensive study of Reiki, learn Level Three Reiki symbols & methodology, and certify as a Reiki Master.

Prerequisite Level Two


Begins September 10, 2022

(Dates are September 10, October 8, November 12, and December 10.)


Shinpiden / Fourth Degree

Begin to share your Reiki knowledge and experience with others. Learn how to teach Level One and Level Two students.

Prerequisite Level Three


Begins January 14, 2023

(Dates are January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12.)


Shihan / Fifth Degree

Take your understanding of Reiki to a new level with our year-long one-on-one mentorship. Learn how to teach all levels.

Prerequisite Level Four

Training is done in private classes and can begin after taking the previous 4 levels of Reiki.

Trainings in each of these levels will be offered throughout 2022/2023.

Upcoming Trainings & Certifications

Reiki Masters Training & Certification

with Daniel Sernicola & Barbara Ellen Held


Continue your Reiki Journey with our Reiki Masters (Okuden) program. This degree focuses on the spiritual practice of Reiki. You’ll have the opportunity deepen your understanding of Reiki and develop your inner growth. You’ll explore the inner teachings of Reiki through spiritual cultivations and begin to tread on a spiritual path to inner peace or enlightenment. The fourth symbol will be given along with instructions in its use and meaning. You’ll receive the final two attunements in Reiki.

Classes take place on the following dates from 12pm-3pm. A Reiki Share also takes place during each training module.

September 10, October 8, November 12, & December 10 (Graduation).

Included in this Reiki Masters Training & Certification:

  • Refresh your knowledge of Reiki history, precepts, and more.
  • Become part of the Komyo ReikiDo lineage.
  • Receive 2 Attunements.
  • Receive Reiki Masters Certification.
4-Month Training & Certification takes place on Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10 (Graduation) from 12pm - 3pm for each module.

Taught by Daniel Sernicola and Barbara Ellen Held

$349.99 for the 4-month Training & Certification

As a great sky in clear light green,

I wish my heart would be as vast.

Emperor Meiji (3 February 1867 – 30 July 1912)

Benefits of Reiki

Lowers Stress & Anxiety

In a study published in 2017 of patients undergoing knee replacement surgery, researchers separated 46 patients into three groups: One group received three or four 30-minute Reiki treatments throughout their hospital stay; a second group received the same number of placebo Reiki sessions; and a third group received neither Reiki nor Placebo. Every group also received standard medical care. Researchers found that only those who received Reiki saw significant reductions in pain, blood pressure, breathing rate, and anxiety pre- and post-surgery.

Promotes Healing in the Body

Reiki gives your body a break from the stresses of daily life, helping your body return to a state of relaxation. Once in this state, your body is able to heal any damage brought on by stress, injury, or disease. Research shows that a single Reiki session may help your autonomic nervous system, the primitive part of your nervous system responsible for things like heartbeat and breathing, move from a sympathetic-dominant, or "fight-or-flight" state, to a parasympathetic-dominant, or "rest-and-digest" state.

Improves Mood & Sleep

A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that college students who received six 30-minute Reiki sessions reported greater improvements in stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep. In a study on 21 burnt out healthcare professionals, published in Biological Research for Nursing, researchers found that heart rate variability was greater following a 30-minute Reiki session, which suggests that Reiki may help a stressed nervous system relax.

Reiki Sessions

Private Reiki sessions are available from our Reiki team and take place in our calming treatment room. Each session is an hour long and costs $99. Sessions can be scheduled with Daniel Sernicola or Barbara-Ellen Held. To schedule your private session, please email the studio.

Reiki does not replace medical care.

Reiki does not replace medical care. As a Reiki Practitioner, we do not diagnose or offer medical advice. We are not doctors. We do not practice medicine. We do not diagnose or treat for a specific illness. We do not prescribe or adjust medication. We direct clients to seek professional medical care as needed. Reiki is offered as a complementary therapy to medical care.

Reiki Shares

Join us on the second Monday of each month from 5:30pm - 6:45pm for our Reiki shares. These shares are open to anyone who is attuned to Reiki energy. Each share is donation based and includes Waka contemplation, Gassho meditation, and of course, Reiki!

Our Reiki Staff


Barbara Ellen Held, Reiki Shihan

Barbara was introduced to “energy” in 2005 during a massage, but it wasn’t until she began a Yoga practice in 2007 that she found Reiki. For the first time in her life she felt grounded, centered, and peaceful. She became a devoted Reiki Master in 2009, Reiki Master Teacher in 2010, and Shihan in 2018. Barbara incorporates Reiki into every aspect of her life, using Reiki with her hands, eyes, thoughts, breath, and heart. She begins her morning by sending it to all in need of healing and pauses throughout the day to send to people and creatures around her or in her thoughts. Her Reiki practice is enriched through her regular practice of meditation and contemplation. She provides Reiki to clients through private sessions and Yoga. 


Daniel Sernicola, Reiki Shihan

Daniel is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shihan. He has been practicing Reiki since 2015. Daniel's teachers include Jodi Patton and Barbara Held. Daniel is co-founder of Danja Yoga and author of our program's Reiki training manuals and curriculum. Daniel is grateful for Reiki’s presence in his life. He is an active Yoga teacher and uses Reiki in many  classes. Daniel has been seeing clients for over 5 years. He regularly works with clients in Danja's Reiki Studio.


Connie Rittmaier, Reiki Shinpiden

Connie was first introduced to Reiki and the benefits of Reiki energy by Daniel Sernicola as a complementary practice to her prescription medicine regimen for an autoimmune disorder. Along with finding the benefits of Reiki for bodily discomfort she also felt the positive benefits mentally and spiritually. Connie became a level one Reiki practitioner, Shoden in 2018. She completed her level four Reiki Master/teacher training in the fall of 2021. She practices Reiki daily and believes a good day starts by reciting the Reiki precepts. Today only, do not anger, do not worry, with thankfulness, work diligently, be kind to others. Reiki is a beautiful compliment to all aspects of our daily lives.

Reiki Precepts

Reiki can enhance your spiritual path no matter what your religion or denomination. While Reiki does not promote a specific belief system, all Reiki students, practitioners, and teachers strive to live by the original five Reiki precepts below.

Just for Today,

I will let go of anger.

I will let go of worry.

I will be grateful.

I will do my work diligently.

I will be kind to every living being.

Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods.

Mikao Usui


I really enjoyed the Reiki training at Danja. Having come from a line of Reiki masters in my family, I was impressed with the structure of this course, the in-depth teachings and hands-on learning offered. The authenticity and rigor of our lessons ensured we were equipped with the tools to progress along our journey to becoming Reiki practitioners.

Tam, Reiki Chuden Student

Thank you Danja Yoga for the incredible Reiki education. Not only have you attuned me to the Reiki energy, taught the lineage, history, and Reiki techniques, but as I went deeper into your courses, you opened a whole new world of deep spiritual curiosity, and exploration that I cherish with every cell of my body. I am forever grateful to you and this practice.

Ashley, Reiki Shinpiden Student

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If you’re traveling from out of town, you’ll find Olde Towne East is charming and walkable. A number of hotels are a short drive from the studio. There's plenty of AirBnBs as well. Dozens of restaurants, coffee shops, gastropubs, and microbreweries are in a few blocks’ radius from the studio. We’re happy to  make recommendations.

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