Vinyasa Yoga

Malik Willoughby


Malik brings all of himself to his yoga classes. He puts his brains and sweat and heart and soul into his teaching because he loves it and feels called to share the tools that have helped him navigate the complex experience of being human. His classes provide a workout and a work-in. Malik is calm and kind and his classes are nourishing - often include singing bowls, rain sticks, and various percussion instruments. His goal is to create a loving, joyful, and safe container for you to gain the clarity necessary to heal and experience wholeness.

Malik is an award-winning and recognized leader with over 30 years of experience as a practitioner of mindfulness, movement, fitness, and performing artistry. Malik's career of 25 years in recreation and wellness administration, management, and programming has solidified him as a pillar in the Central Ohio community. With demonstrated gifts as a runner, yogi, dancer, writer, community leader, and visionary of the M.B.U.B.É. (pronounced EM'boo-bay) Institute, Malik dreams of a unified collective. His newly founded organization, the Mind, Body, and Universal Balance Empowerment Institute (M.B.U.B.E.), is a multi-tiered business that designs and oversees wellness and resilience strategies across the lifecycle of individuals. His subject matter expertise is in designing and coaching wellness strategies for vulnerable populations as well as applying culturally competent components to the principles of holistic wellness. He believes that balance is the key to life and hopes to use meditation through breathing and movement to change generational narratives. He is co-founder of the vegan soul food catering company, Willowbeez SoulVeg as well as the Mansa Men mentoring program for youth and young men of color. Expanding his wheelhouse of wellness, Malik is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. He currently leads yoga classes, mindfulness, and meditation sessions in prisons, school classrooms, at community events, and for Replenish Yoga Carriage and Danja Yoga in Columbus, Ohio. Malik's specialization is an energy vinyasa flow. In addition, he trains Black Men with health conditions for Impact 100 and founded Bronzeville Active which facilitates community collective movement; walk, run, bike. Malik is a life-long runner and considers it meditation in motion; as a 4-year member, he is honored and excited to be named Captain of Black Men Run in Columbus.

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