The Mindfulness of Plants

Being a plant-parent can teach you a lot, but it’s not always easy caring for a plant indoors. Whether you are an expert grower or beginning as a motivated novice, having plants indoors can be a challenge. It is, however, a challenge you should accept (Trust me, I've lost many plants while trying to determine their needs)! Plants are great teachers, and they show us how to care for ourselves and the world. They will guide you in your practice of mindfulness and self-care if you pay close attention.


Why Be Mindful & Focus on Self-Care?

Perhaps you are wondering: “Why should I practice mindfulness and care for myself?” We are incredibly busy. To flourish in our personal and professional lives, we need to be considerate of our time and energy. Mindfulness should guide our work. Our projects should be handled with care and consideration to ensure the best results. We can ensure we are being mindful by taking care of ourselves, rather than simply clocking in at the bare minimum. Allowing our mind and body rest gives us the opportunity to perform better and achieve more when we need to apply ourselves. If we never take time to replenish ourselves we’ll get stuck on empty and have to continuously push ourselves to keep going. Plant care can help us develop the necessary skills to avoid burnout by applying mindfulness and self-care.

A Plant’s Lessons on Mindfulness & Self-Care

Make Time  

Set time aside to care for your plants. Life can be busy, but like any other living organism, they need attention. Indoor plants, in particular, require your assistance to fulfill their needs so they can live in your home. Now think of yourself. Are you scheduling time for you? Make sure you are in a space to thrive and grow just like your plants. Also, make sure you are scheduling enough time to rest.  Most plants love and thrive in sunlight, however, constant sunlight can damage plants as they need time to rest.  Just like plants, you need time to rest and rejuvenate so you are ready to work and grow.


Stay Patient and Practice Compassion

Take your time when caring for your plant. No need to rush. Prune their leaves slowly. Help your plant grow with time. Make sure you don’t over/under water. Now think: Have you been patient with yourself lately?

Be compassionate with yourself as you care for your plant.  We all make mistakes in plant care. The important lesson to learn is to provide compassion to yourself as mistakes happen. Don't give up. Finding the right type of plant that works for you and your home environment is part of the process. If you're struggling with a plant, there are lots of resources and videos online or you can ask us as we're always willing to talk plants and give planty advice!


Be Kind 

Use good soils, re-pot if necessary, watch for invaders, and be gentle. Check sunlight. Water slowly and gently. Every organism deserves kindness. Treat the world with the same care as your plants. Each new leaf or flower on your plant is a reward for practicing kindness to your plant!

Nurture and Grow

Bring the attention and care you would give to a plant into your everyday life. Often times we neglect ourselves and that can impact how our life plays out before us. Practicing mindfulness and self-care can help you both personally and professionally–ensuring you are always ready to perform at your best.

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