Vinyasa Yoga

Danielle Hoffman


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Alison began practicing yoga ten years ago while looking for a new hobby. She quickly fell in love with both the physical and mental benefits of the practice and decided to become a yoga teacher to share her passion for yoga with other students. Alison’s classes offer a grounding and safe space to connect the mind and body through moving meditation. Her classes are welcoming and accessible for all levels and aim to foster self-compassion and an overall feeling of peace that students can access on and off their mats. Outside of yoga, Alison is passionate about mental health, finding the best local coffee spots, and spending time in nature.

Practicing yoga helped me in many ways beyond increased flexibility and strength. Learning ways to manage stress and anxiety on and off my mat and the community I found through yoga changed my life. I knew that I wanted to share with others what my teachers had shared with me, which inspired me to complete a 200 hr RYT training. Teaching yoga brings me true joy and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with students.

I have my 200 Hour RYT Certification, 60 Hour - Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, and Yin Certification.

I recently moved to Columbus from South Florida. The moment I stepped into Danja, I knew that I had found a gem! Daniel, Jacob, and the rest of the Danja crew are so welcoming and genuine. I appreciate the intention behind the studio and every class that is taught. I love that Danja is inclusive and offers a wide variety of classes. I can always find what my mind and body needs and the energy of the studio is pure love!

I always tell my students to meet themselves where they are on their mats. Our bodies feel different from day to day, so every practice is not going to look or feel the same and that is OK! I encourage students to connect with how they are feeling and utilize self-compassion to give them what they need that day, whether that means taking an extra child’s pose or challenging themselves during class.

This is such a tough question! Child’s pose has always been a favorite of mine because it allows me to surrender and feel supported. Warrior 2 is also a favorite because it helps me tap into my inner strength and confidence while challenging me to remain calm in the face of discomfort.

Be Here Now by Ram Dass is my current favorite! I enjoy flipping through the pages and receiving reminders of the importance of embracing the present moment.

I have overcome a lot of fears in my life! I was a very anxious child and young adult and would have never imagined moving away from my hometown on my own. I am very grateful for therapy and yoga!

Outside of yoga, I am very passionate about mental health and reducing the stigma around seeking help. I am a mental health counselor and am completing a post-masters fellowship at Ohio State University. I am also super passionate about being an aunt to my adorable niece and nephew in Florida!

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