Reiki is a Japanese hands-on technique that promotes healing and relaxation in the body. In this Reiki Level One training, you'll discover what Reiki is through an in-depth discussion of history, lineage, and more. You'll also receive four Reiki attunements and learn how to utilize this healing modality with yourself and close loved ones. There is no prerequisite to this training. Come as you are!

This workshop is taught by Barbara Ellen Held, a Shihan in the Komyo ReikiDo lineage. She will share her knowledge and vast experience with Reiki and answer any questions you may have about this dynamic and mysterious healing energy.

Two-Day Training May 15th & 16th, 10am - 4pm

Taught by Barbara Ellen Held

$199 for two day training



Experience a restorative violin sound bath to energize and balance your brain, increase immune systems and tune your nervous system while resonating our DNA and cellular structure to enhance relaxation, heighten our consciousness, and release resistance to resonate with YOU. This special class is a gift to your body, mind, and spirit. This event features a restful practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Emphasizing the meditative aspects of yoga, restorative yoga combines the body and mind through props for support. Poses will be held effortlessly and easefully, giving the body and mind time to unwind and repair.

Teacher Ibeliz Guadalupe will inspire calm in your life through restorative yoga. At the same time, you're bathed in whole notes from the warmth and intention of the artist, Andrea Masucci, and her violin, tuning each energy center, inducing physical and energetic healing. Ahhhhhh... stress is already beginning to melt away from just the description! This event will sell out fast, so please reserve your spot soon!

Saturday, May 29TH 7pm - 8:30pm

Taught by Ibeliz Guadalupe

$40 for event



This 4-week beginner series is designed for the student who wants to learn the basics of Vinyasa yoga. The classes will introduce you to the building blocks of Vinyasa yoga, including Ujjayi breathing, Sun Salutations, seated and standing poses. The Vinyasa practice allows for a lot of variety within the movements but will almost always include sun salutations and moving from pose to pose, learning to synchronize the movement of the poses to a breath while paying special attention to pose alignment and transitions.

In this series, Jake Hays teaches these fundamentals of yoga in a safe and engaging environment. The series is taught sequentially to help students build strength, flexibility, and confidence in a Vinyasa yoga practice. Pre-registration is required for the 4-week series, and the cost is $60.

Benefits of this series invite you to:
Learn in a safe and friendly small class environment
Safely explore your limits
Build a strong knowledge base
Build strength and flexibility
Release tension in the body

6:30pm - 7:30pm on Mondays, May 17th & 24th and June 7th & 14th

Taught by Jake Hays

$60 for the series



Many individuals realize the benefits of meditation for their lives. Believe what you’ve heard about meditation: it’ll focus your mind, open your heart, and sometimes surprise you with insight. And it’s not complicated to learn. In fact, everything you need to get started with a meditation practice is found in this six-week series. You’ll learn the basics along with advice for making your meditation practice a priority no matter how busy you are. You’ll also learn how to bring the wisdom and compassion you discover through meditation into other areas of your life.

Week One — Know Your “Why” and Learn the Meditation Technique
Week Two — Be Consistent and Gentle
Week Three — Overcoming Obstacles
Week Four — Working With Emotions and Discovering Peace of Mind
Week Five — Meditation as an Influence in Your Life
Week Six — Learning to Relax

Six weeks starting March 18th - April 22nd 6:30 pm - 8 pm on Thursdays

Taught by Daniel Sernicola

$99 for the six-week training

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