Reiki is a Japanese hands-on technique that promotes healing and relaxation in the body. In this Reiki Level One training, you'll discover what Reiki is through an in-depth discussion of history, lineage, and more. You'll also receive four Reiki attunements and learn how to utilize this healing modality with yourself and close loved ones. There is no prerequisite to this training. Come as you are!

This workshop is taught by Barbara Ellen Held, a Shihan in the Komyo ReikiDo lineage. She will share her knowledge and vast experience with Reiki and answer any questions you may have about this dynamic and mysterious healing energy.

Two-Day Training March 6th & 7th, 9 am - 5 pm

Taught by Barbara Ellen Held

$199 for two day training



Ever find yourself wanting to begin Yoga but are overwhelmed by all the newness? This 6-week beginner series is designed for students who want to learn yoga but might be a little anxious or scared. The good news is that yoga doesn't have to be scary! In this series, Jake Hays teaches new students the fundamentals of yoga in a safe and engaging environment. Students learn yogic breathing, yoga postures, and relaxation techniques. The beginners series is taught sequentially to help students build strength, flexibility, and confidence in yoga. Pre-registration is required for the 6-week series.

Six weeks starting March 15th - April 19th 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm on Mondays

Taught by Jake Hays

$99 for the six-week training



Many individuals realize the benefits of meditation for their lives. Believe what you’ve heard about meditation: it’ll focus your mind, open your heart, and sometimes surprise you with insight. And it’s not complicated to learn. In fact, everything you need to get started with a meditation practice is found in this six-week series. You’ll learn the basics along with advice for making your meditation practice a priority no matter how busy you are. You’ll also learn how to bring the wisdom and compassion you discover through meditation into other areas of your life.

Week One — Know Your “Why” and Learn the Meditation Technique
Week Two — Be Consistent and Gentle
Week Three — Overcoming Obstacles
Week Four — Working With Emotions and Discovering Peace of Mind
Week Five — Meditation as an Influence in Your Life
Week Six — Learning to Relax

Six weeks starting March 18th - April 22nd 6:30 pm - 8 pm on Thursdays

Taught by Daniel Sernicola

$99 for the six-week training



Hey Beginner and Refining Yogis! Are you wondering if you're "doing it right"? Do some basic poses still feel "funny" or "weird"? Are there unasked questions that seem to slip away in your savasana? Bien Hernandez-Ver is doing a series of workshops that can answer all these questions and more! Each workshop centers on a different body area, from legs to hips, then up to your spine and shoulders. You'll get lots of practice, adjustments if you'd like them, and confidence to bring back to your classes and daily practice.

Legs: Starting from the Bottom to be Here (March 13)

In this workshop, you'll tap into the foundation of your body: Your feet and legs! We'll check in with how solid you feel through Warrior 2, Triangle, Wide-legged Fold. You'll learn to open up your muscles with Staff/Folded Staff, Bridge and Wheel poses.

Hips: Finding the Feeling and Flexibility (March 14)

In this workshop, you'll become conscious of your pelvic placement in Crescent, Warrior 1. You'll work and play with balance in Mountain, Warrior 3, and Tree. Then, you'll wiggle through in Pigeon, Frog, and Happy Baby.

Spine and Upper Body: Finding Youth in Your Yoga (March 20)

You'll discover your spinal flexibility and what it does for you in Chaturanga, Up-dog, and Down-dog. Find how to twist in a Revolved lunge, Revolved Triangle, Twisted Chair. Then you'll chill out in Seated Twist, Cowface, and Reclined Twist (with a GREAT modification).

Arm Balances and Inversions (March 21)

It's a balance pose! Not a strength pose! Once you've got a bit of practice under your belt, or if you're ready to bite the big balance bullet, we're breaking down Crow and Side Crow. You'll transition to inversions of Fallen Angel and Headstand. Then we'll work on controlled jumps and Handstand Preps to get you a good foundation and ready for your future handstand practice.

Dates: Saturday March 13th, Sunday March 14th, Saturday March 20th, and Sunday March 21st

These workshops part of a series of four workshops taught by Bien Hernandez-Ver

You're invited to take just one ($30 each) or all four workshops ($99 for all four)!

Preregistration is required, as is wearing a mask over your nose and mouth throughout the class. We have taped off socially distant spacing on the floor. You’ll stay over six feet away from others throughout your visit. Please bring your own mat and a water bottle. Wear clothing you'd wear to the gym.

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