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The Columbus School of Yoga at Danja

Danja Yoga is proud to be the official partner of The Columbus School of Yoga, offering their esteemed 5 Star 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. This top-notch program has been designed for students who have a desire to dive deeper into their yoga practice, personal growth and self-understanding. Led by the founder of the Columbus School of Yoga, Colleen O’Brien McFall, her program is rooted in ancient traditions, explores the rich teachings of yogic philosophy while integrating the sciences of yoga, including anatomy, physiology, alignment and sequencing which are essential for teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness.


Embark on a voyage that will transform your body, mind, and heart through our 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training. YOU belong here!

The Columbus School of Yoga at Danja Yoga


The Columbus School of Yoga at Danja Yoga offers an experiential and empowered approach to education, teaching trainees what it means to craft an experience that supports students for success. As a participant, not only will you learn how to teach a fun, safe and meaningful yoga class, you will also learn important and essential life skills that will positively serve all aspects of your life and what it means to cultivate a living practice.

Graduates of the Columbus School of Yoga at Danja Yoga program will receive a thorough and well-rounded education that meets the curriculum standards as defined by Yoga Alliance, earning them an accredited 200 Hr Certification.


Weekend Format

Comprehensive Weekend Learning

We offer an immersive weekend format with a comprehensive and integrative approach to learning. Each weekend includes a wide variety of teaching modalities such as lectures, interactive activities, games, practice teaching and yoga practices to provide an effective way of learning. The weekends are designed to be fun and engaging, creating a supportive learning environment. Trainees will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of yoga, explore new concepts and practices while developing their own unique and individual style of teaching yoga. Throughout this immersive format, you’ll learn, connect and practice in a supportive and inspiring environment.


Schedule & Times


The program includes 9 weekend immersions spread over 5 months from February through June.

The first session begins February 9, 2024. 

Weekend Times

Friday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


Weekend Dates

Weekend 1:     Feb 9, 10, 11

Weekend 2:     Feb 16, 17, 18

Weekend 3:     Mar 1, 2, 3

Weekend 4:     Mar 15, 16, 17

Weekend 5:     Mar 22, 23, 24

Weekend 6:     Apr 12, 13, 14

Weekend 7:     Apr 19, 20, 21

Weekend 8:     May 17, 18, 19

Weekend 9:     May 31, June 1, 2

*Schedule is subject to change.

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Teacher Training Lead Faculty


Colleen O'Brien McFall

Director of Studio Operations & Education / E-RYT 500 / YACEP

Colleen is known for her passionate instruction that immediately instills a sense of calm within her students while inspiring compassion, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

Her classes are infused with fluid and creative movement, intelligent sequencing, and a grace that will leave an imprint upon you with every class she teaches. Her genuine and caring approach to yoga creates a safe and sacred space for inward reflection, cultivating a deep state of relaxation and peacefulness from within.

Her versatility to work with all levels of students and teachers is a true testament to her vast knowledge and rich experience of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, alignment, and yoga philosophy. Colleen has a unique way of creating genuine connection which leaves you feeling brighter and inspired from within.

Colleen has over 15 years of experience teaching Yoga full time as well as mentoring teachers and leading advanced methodology workshops throughout the USA and Canada. Colleen also leads Yoga retreats both locally and abroad, designed to deepen and enrich students' Yoga practice. Her depth of experience is deeply rooted in the Kripalu tradition where she originally began her studies. Additionally, having lived and taught in the Boulder & Denver Colorado yoga community, she immersed herself in this yoga mecca and as a result she has been steeped and influenced by a wide variety of other traditions and many inspiring teachers.

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing yoga for years, Colleen will inspire and ignite a spark within you that cultivates a thirst for self-inquiry, empowering you with the confidence and skill for transformation both on and off the mat.


Attending the Columbus School of Yoga was an amazing experience. Colleen O'Brien McFall provided aspiring teachers with opportunities to explore their own physical, mental, and emotional realms, promoting the cultivation of mindfulness, developing greater self-awareness, and deepening their connection with their bodies and minds. Colleen set future teachers on a path to provide safe and experiential classes for their students.



My Training with Columbus School of Yoga was comprehensive and excellent! I learned so much from the instructor, the curriculum was well structured, balanced, and thorough. This training has fully prepared me to step into the role of teacher with compassion and confidence. I highly recommend!!



I highly recommend the Columbus School of Yoga for anyone desiring to become a yoga teacher, deepen their personal practice, or gain a deeper sense of self awareness. The instructors have a wealth of experience and are expertly prepared to teach and guide students along the transformative journey of body, mind, and spirit. The program was highly organized, challenged me in the best way possible, and I came out of it thoroughly equipped to sequence and teach yoga classes as a professional. I gained so much from my training with the Columbus School of Yoga and will cherish the experience for a lifetime.



Colleen’s yoga teacher training offers both an intimate and challenging experience. She is a deeply engaged leader who trains strong and empathetic students to open to new levels of understanding of their personal and professional yoga practice. Lots of heart and soul!



This program develops amazing yoga teachers. The training and theory is meant to provide both teachers and students with growth on and off the mat. It is a safe space for all people, backgrounds, and levels of understanding, and it helps to develop teachers who can teach classes that are accessible and enjoyable for students. Not only did I receive effective and incredible training to be an excellent yoga teacher, this YTT is also a personal growth experience that I highly recommend.



Colleen is one of the most genuine and best persons I have met. She is very knowledgeable and very forthcoming with her knowledge - by far one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had, and the best possible teacher for teachers. Beyond just the material, the best thing about this program are the people: Colleen is amazing at creating a space where I felt heard, felt and seen by her and everyone else in the program.
This YTT is the gift that keeps on giving, I am still constantly looking back at the material, talking with Colleen and constantly using what I learned in the program to further my knowledge as a yogi and as a teacher. Even for people who aren't necessarily looking to teach yoga, this YTT is still beneficial to diving deeper into the practice and I would highly recommend.



Daniel & Jake's personal invite to YOU!

We invite you to experience 200 Hour Teacher Training with Colleen O'Brien McFall. She joined the Danja family in January 2023 when she brought The Columbus School of Yoga to Danja along with her heartfelt yoga teachings. Our community embraces the magnetic teaching, deep thinking, warmth, and spiritual refreshment Colleen exudes. Personally, she's become our mentor, teacher, leader, cheerleader, friend, and is a downright awesome human! She shares our vision and values for Danja and we joyfully welcomed her to our management team as Director of Operations & Education in June after witnessing her compassionate leadership of the 2023 yoga teacher training program. We watched as 10 students began training with Colleen in January and emerged fully ready to teach in June. In fact, we're proud to have several of these graduates on our studio schedule as teachers.

We welcome you to this life-changing journey. Prepare yourself for nothing less than a guided tour of all the beautiful dimensions of YOU! This Teacher Training is filled with hope, wisdom, and extraordinary tenderness that will nurture your path and help you grow into the empowered yoga teacher YOU want to be. We're excited to see your story unfold and look forward to  cheering you on as you navigate this epic journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training located?

Our training will be held at Danja Yoga Studios, located at 1125 Oak St, Columbus Ohio. Our incredible yoga studio offers a sanctuary of space and an inspiring environment for learning.

Is there a yoga membership included in my training?

Absolutely! From January through June 2024, 6 months total, you'll have access to an unlimited membership at Danja Yoga Studios.

Is this YTT Yoga Alliance accredited?

Yes! The Columbus School of Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Graduates who successfully complete this program and training requirements will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-Hour level, earning them their 200 Hour RYS designation.

​Do I have to be an advanced Yoga student to take teacher training?

No, not at all! Our yoga teacher training is all about diving deeper into the study, practice and integration of yoga. It’s never about being super bendy or flexible or doing tricky poses. Instead you will study what alignment means in the context of postures and individual bodies, how to sequence a class so that you can learn to support and create an experience for any skill level, making yoga accessible for all. Additionally, and what is most special and unique about our program is that we pull back the curtain and look behind the scenes of teaching Yoga. We dive into the philosophy, teachings, and richness of the ancient traditions of Yoga and learn to apply these teachings in everyday life. This is where transformation and incredible growth happens. All you need is an open heart and a willingness for personal growth to join our Yoga Teacher training program and benefit by gaining immense value from this experience.

​What type of Yoga can I teach after completing the Yoga teacher training?

Graduates from our 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification program are able to teach vinyasa flow, slow flow, power flow, hot yoga hatha, and gentle styles of yoga. You will also gain exposure to other styles of yoga such as yin, restorative and deep-stretch yoga.

Tell me more about the methodology at CSY?

Our program not only delves into the rich teachings of yoga but we also share what it means to live yoga. By integrating the teachings of yoga, a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom emerges from within and serves as a source for teaching yoga authentically. We teach our teachers to reach within themselves, to discover their own voice, and to genuinely share their individual and unique gifts as teachers. Our methodology instills confidence, empowers choice, and builds strength from the inside out, body, heart, and mind. Our yoga teacher training develops teachers with a solid foundation of body and movement mechanics, the ability to skillfully sequence classes, the technical skill and capacity to safely and effectively teach yoga to a wide variety of levels while being supportive to their students. As a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga School, you can rest assured that the training and certification you receive through our Yoga teacher training program is respected and recognized by the yoga community.

What if I miss a session? Am I able to make it up at a later date?

Our Yoga teacher training program is highly interactive, and many modules depend on the consistent and collective energy of the group. For this reason we do not recommend missing any sessions. That said, life happens. Students who miss a session can make it up by completing additional homework assignments related to the missed class topics. Each day is considered a session, and the maximum amount of missed time allowed is 3 sessions. Attendance and participation in the practice teaching days (of which there are 3 throughout the program), is required for certification. For make up homework and make up practice teaching day(s), additional fees apply.

What are the benefits of Yoga teacher training beyond certification?  

There are numerous benefits beyond the obvious for participants of our Yoga Teacher Training Program. These include the opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and others through the training process, challenge yourself in new ways, expand awareness, acquire new skills, learn about your body, mind and heart and ways to attune and create greater harmony on all levels of your life. 

What if I am not sure I want to teach Yoga after my Teacher Training?

About 30% of students who sign up for our yoga teacher training program do so with the sole intention of deepening their practice of yoga and to learn more about themselves and this ancient tradition. While you will learn how to teach yoga, it’s alway your choice whether you wish to teach beyond training or not.

Is there an application process and how do I enroll for Yoga teacher training?

Yes​, there is an application and a $250 deposit for our Yoga Teacher Training Program. Upon successful acceptance to our program, your $250 deposit will be applied towards your tuition. If for some reason your application is not approved, you will be reimbursed your $250 deposit within 2-7 business days.

How do the payment plans work?

We have flexible and convenient payment plans available where you can choose either bi-weekly or monthly payments. Ideally full payment is to be received by the start date of the program however if you need a little more time here or there, this can also be arranged. In order to receive your certificate of graduation, all payments must be received in full.  All payments and arrangements will be processed directly with the Columbus School of Yoga.

When should I register for the program?

We recommend that you register as soon as possible as space is limited. We only train small groups to ensure you have the best and most thorough experience during your training.

CONTACT: For more information about our Yoga Teacher Training you can reach out directly to CMcFall@danjayoga.com

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